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Caring for your Aroma Diffuser

Prelude Aroma Diffuser

How to get the most of of your aroma diffuser by properly taking care of it.

So, you just bought an aroma diffuser and you’re looking forward to enjoying it for years to come.  Here’s how you can properly take care of your aroma diffuser and ensure you experience all the benefits of it.

At Clear Scents, we run our diffusers all day long.  This makes for great smelling rooms and allows the essential oil particles to purify the air and take your mind to a new state of relaxation.  Ultrasonic diffusers can aid in concentration, mental focus, sleeping, and relieve stress.

Tips on maintaining your aroma diffuser

Make sure you fill up your diffuser to the fill line with cold water.  Overfilling it past the fill line may cause the diffuser to run improperly and risk leakage on to important electrical circuits underneath.  It is recommended that you fill your diffuser with a cup instead of holding it underneath a water tap.  Remember to only use essential oils, as other kinds of oils are thicker and may damage your diffuser.  While certain essential oils may be thicker than others, they are still safe to use but you should always be mindful of cleaning residue frequently from your diffuser to ensure it runs smoothly.  Browse our list of pure and safe essential oils to use with your diffuser here.

How to clean your aroma diffuser

Properly cleaning your diffuser is actually quite easy.  First off always make sure that your diffuser isn’t connected electrically before cleaning.  Just wipe down the lid and inner container with some rubbing alcohol (never use soap) to remove any sticky residue.  You should do this at least once per week or when  alternating between different essential oils.  It is also a good idea to run a cleaning cycle once per month on your diffuser.  To do this, simply fill half your diffuser with water and add 10 drops of pure white vinegar.  Run this for 3-5 minutes, empty it, and run it again with just water for 2 minutes.  Proper maintenance of your diffuser will ensure maximum mist output so you can reap all the wonderful benefits of aromatherapy right in your own home.