Frost Aroma Diffuser

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Frost Diffuser, 400ml water capacity

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Practicality and style coalesce with Clear Scents’ Frost ultrasonic aroma diffuser. Frost is a versatile unit that offers a generous 9 hours of run time with its 400ml water capacity, and allows you to rotate between several colour options with the simple tap of a button.

Product Features

• Ultrasonic aroma diffuser

• Frosted white plastic exterior

• 400ml water capacity

• Built-in LED lighting allows for numerous colours

• Ultra quiet operation

• 10-second, 2-hour, 4-hour and continuous mist options

• Auto shut off feature when empty

Use with your favourite Clear Scents essential oil to invigorate your room with freshness and harmony.

Fill with water to fill line.

Add 8-10 drops of your favourite Clear Scents essential oil.

Refer to instruction manual for step-by-step setup guide.

Place diffuser on a flat surface and connect the power adapter to the power jack on the bottom of the unit before filling with water.

Remove the exterior plastic cover.

Fill the water tank with water to the fill line (13.5 fl.oz./400ml).

Add 5-10 drops of your favourite Clear Scents essential oil on top of the water (more or less depending on your preference).

Replace cover.

Plug in power adapter to any standard wall outlet.

Press the Mist/Timer button to select which mist output you would like (Continuous, 10 seconds on/off, 2 hours or 4 hours).

Choose between various colour options by pressing the Light button. You can set the diffuser to rotate between all of the colours automatically, choose the colour you like, or leave the lights off altogether.

Sit back and enjoy!

Use a cloth and rubbing alcohol to clean your Clear Scents diffuser of any residue between uses.

We recommend cleaning your diffuser on a regular basis to prevent any blockage and ensure mist output stays strong.