Peppermint Essential Oil

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Peppermint Essential Oil



Peppermint essential oil is one of the most popular oils for use in aromatherapy today. With it’s natural anti-microbial properties, peppermint essential oils are beneficial in relieving ailments for both the body and mind.  Clear Scents peppermint essential oil is a powerful extract from spearmint and water mint, which is then carefully steam distilled to extract the purest parts of the plant.

Peppermint essential oil has a wide range health benefits while adding a beautiful fragrance to your living or work space.

Origin: United States of America

Profile: Soothing crisp mint scent

Uses and Benefits:

  • Effective for headache and allergy relief
  • Soothes stomach aches and digestive issues
  • Improves mental focus
  • Is a natural antimicrobial which may be used in cleaning
  • Helps open up breathing passages
  • Boosts energy
  • Soothes tight muscles

Quantity: 10mL

Add 5-7 drops to your Clear Scents aroma diffuser or aroma locket necklace. Adjust the number of drops based on desired strength.


Store in a cool, dry place with cap secured when not in use.

100% Pure Peppermint Extract